Hi, I'm Seb a Graphic Designer based in Bournemouth, UK


I’ve been a creative since 2012 and learnt a lot along the way. With experience in print, web and app design, my clients can range from small start-ups to global companies.  


I work with a number of creative agencies as a regular freelancer. Because of my broad experience in graphic design, and the variety of sectors I’ve done work for, I can easily pick up the urgent jobs they need help with. As a trusted freelancer, I have worked on projects for global brands such as Thomson Rueters and Microsoft. So whether it’s wireframing a website for a start-up, or a 200 page brochure for a large company, I’m in.


I pride myself on fitting in, being part of the team and being able to seamlessly slot in wherever I am needed. Think of me like an employee that only comes in when there is enough work for me to do! I work well as part of a team but equally I am more than capable of handling a project from start to finish by myself. My dedicated work process and critical thinking allow me to apply myself to almost any design task you need help with.


One day a week I also teach at the Arts University Bournemouth as a visiting tutor, helping out and running my own lessons on individual programmes and specific skills.  I’ve been doing this since 2018, and it’s been a unique and rewarding opportunity for me to not only share my own knowledge with others, but keep in the know about the latest trends and software in the industry.


So thats me in a nutshell, if you’d like to know more holla at me and let's grab a coffee!

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Seb was an amazing addition to our team, inquisitive, creative and practical. He could take a brief and run with it. He’s easy going and very personable, the perfect freelancer and team member.

Ross Cleaver

Former Creative Director at RT Brand Communications