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Olivia Cole Ltd.

Olivia Cole is a young, luxury, aesthetics brand specialising in permanent cosmetics, filler and eyelash extensions. The expansion continues further with their lash trading academy offering courses in Lash Artistry all across the UK.

I was asked to modernise their existing logo, expanding on the trendy and luxury aspects of Olivia Cole. This meant that the icon and logo could be separated and used for modern purposes such as social media.


Following this a new website design that allowed for fast and simple online booking of their services and training courses. Complimented with a full range of marketing materials including pull-up banners, flyers, A-boards, an Instagram teaser campaign to launch the new brand and website.


We have now been working with Seb For 2 years and he consistently delivers work that is inspired and out of the box. He is dedicated, passionate and diverse, providing insights that have been instrumental in the evolution of our print, web and marketing work. 

Nicole O'Grady

Owner of Olivia Cole Ltd.


The logo rebrand was one of the most important things to get right for Olivia Cole. It needed to be identifiable amongst her competitors and immediately give the impression to potential customers that they were professional, trustworthy and provided a quality service. 


Going through the client brief I identified that a modern and luxury feel for the brand were very important. We then looked over her moodboard together and highlighted the logos that really stood out for them.


Following this I then created some initial concepts to talk through with Olivia Cole’s marketing team and find out what the client liked and did not like about them. This lead us to the final version which I then refined and paired with a classic font that fitted the industry perfectly. 


To finish I provided multiple versions of the logo to allow it to be used in as many places as possible. I included a wide version, a stacked version, the logomark and the logo text separate. A monochrome version was also provided to be used on dark backgrounds where the normal version could not be used clearly.

Olivia Cole Sign.jpg
Olivia Cole Logo Breakdown
Olivia Cole - User Profiles.png
OC Grid Mockup 2@2x.png

Working closely with the team at Olivia Cole we settled on three separate user personas that would be using their new website. We discussed such things as what brands they would like but most importantly the goal behind the user coming to their site and frustrations they may have in general or with competing beauty brands. Once I had this in mind I could begin designing the site. 


I decided to use a 12 column grid system, to give the most flexibility as it can easily be separated into six sections, quarters, thirds or halves. This allows for a really responsive design that would work great on mobile which was one of the users main frustrations with other sites. 


During the wireframing stage I decided on the user journey, where the most important elements should go so that the user could easily navigate to where they wanted. This was done for web and mobile with a special focus on making the mobile version as user friendly as possible.


Working with Olivia Cole brand colours and existing branding identity I designed the final version of the website paying attention to familiarity of things the users may already know to make sure button or forms are as user friendly as possible. This was then prototyped to test user interactions and to finalise design decisions.

Laptop Blank White.png
Olivia ColeiphoneXa.png

To complete the Olivia Cole rebrand I designed a range of printed marketing materials for them. As I now had another medium to help show the luxury side to the brand I took full advantage of it. For the business cards I went for a 400gsm weight with a soft touch finish, with the icing on the cake being the raised spot gloss to make them really stand out from the competition. 


The flyers I went with a 250gsm gloss paper to carry on the premium brand identity. Here I paid particular attention to the hierarchy of text so that it would immediately draw in potential clients. The headline would capture their attention as well as the cover girl image that would engage them with eye contact. Overleaf the prices and information was clearly visible. This was complimented with an A board with the same style and it was designed to attract clients attention.

OC Flyer Mockup@2x.png
OC A-Board@2x.png
Olivia Cole Square Business Card Mockup.

As Olivia Cole already had a following on instagram and a previous logo and website, I designed an instagram teaser campaign to showcase the new brand and to reveal the launch of the new website. This took all the brand identity that I had crafted and put a mysterious spin on the campaign. 


I covered the eyes of the models and also blurred certain images and the new logo to create an air of mystery and then when the launch date arrived the images were shown in their full glory showcasing the new brand and website. This was one of Olivia Cole's most engaged with social media campaigns and helped drive a lot of traffic to the website.

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