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The Healthy Olive

Founded in 2019 by Andrew and Laura Graham The Healthy Olive are the sole UK distributor for L'Acropoli di Puglia extra virgin olive oils.​ First tasting the olive oil on a trip to Puglia in 2018, they couldn’t believe how good it tasted, like no other olive oil they had experienced.

I was asked to design and build a e-commerce website that would help grow their new business. It had to be sleek and minimal with the focus on the main selling point - the oil itself. 


Not only did the site have to be visually pleasing and showcase the amazing olive oil (I have had the pleasure of trying some), it had to an easy and pleasurable experience for the customers to be able to purchase. There was a big focus on making the site mobile friendly and having great SEO.

I also added sections on the site to find out more about Andy and Laura's story and a healthy blog. Give their site a visit if you want to try some truly tasty olive oil.


Seb was very approachable, responsive and quickly understood the ethos of our business. His astute eye for design coupled with his knowledge of the end user experience resulted in an outcome that we were extremely happy with, exceeding our expectations.

Andy & Laura Graham

Owners of The Healthy Olive

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Working closely with The Healthy Olive’s marketing team we created a couple of user personas that would be most likely to be purchasing olive oil from their site. We discussed such things as what brands they would like but most importantly the goal behind the user coming to their site and frustrations they may have in general or with shopping online in general. 


I decided to use a 12 column grid system, to give the most flexibility as it can easily be separated into six sections, quarters, thirds or halves. As it was a big consideration to make it very user friendly to purchase items on mobile this grid layout makes responsive design easy to implement. 


During the wireframing stage I decided on the user journey, where the products themselves should go so that the user could easily buy them and find out more information. This was done for web and mobile with a special focus on making the mobile version as user friendly as possible.


Working with The Healthy Olive brand colours and existing branding identity I designed the final version of the website paying attention to familiarity of things the users may already know for example what a button or form may look like to make it as user friendly as possible. This was then prototyped to test user interactions and to finalise design decisions.

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