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Venus Magazine
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Venus needed a publication that would help generate income by selling advertising space and paid sponsored content. To achieve this the magazine needed to look and feel premium. Readers also needed to pick it up and feel that it was from a trustworthy brand and also be engaged with the content.


It needed to have a cover that would grab readers attention and stand out on a shelf or table, coupled with strong engaging content so that people would want to read through it therefore seeing the adverts and sponsored content as they went through the magazine.


I achieved this by designing covers that stood out from the usual women's magazine, by merging the style of vogue with a more business feel, combining this with eye catching colours, yellow and pink for example, to really make the covers stand out. All our cover models were looking at the camera to draw in a readers as we all have a human connection.

As this was a multi issue magazine the challenge was also to create a distinct, individual issue that was part of a strong brand but did not feel the same every issue. I achieved this by using a good flexible design grid and making sure that similar spreads were interspersed with other pages. The use of consistent fonts and icons was broken up by creative headlines, strong imagery and colour to create a fresh look and feel every article while maintaining a strong overall brand.


Empowering women, in particular women in business, is the main ethos and driving force behind the Venus Awards.


I was asked to design a magazine which would be available to attendees at the award ceremony as well as distributed nationwide after the ceremony. The magazine had to encompass all that the Venus Awards stands for; celebrating women in business, high achievers who are striving for more and want to enjoy life.


I was responsible for designing the cover, content pages, editorial pages and some of the print adverts. Assisting the editor with the flow of the magazine and liaising with the printers to deliver the 120 page magazine were all also included in my role.

Following on with the success of the magazine I was also asked to design a "instazine" to run along side the magazine as a social media campaign to facilitate interest in the featured articles.


His designs of the latest issues of our high-end, glossy Venus magazine, has been nothing short of superb with positive comments coming from seasoned magazine designers. We would highly recommend Seb to anyone needing a quality design service.

David Frankel

Owner of Venus Magazine

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